Is Merchant funding the Perfect Answer to the Issue of Small business Finance

merchant funding

In recent times there has been a significant reduction in the number of loans issued to small businesses in the United States. Following the economic downturn of 2008, lending institutions have become particularly wary of lending to small businesses. It has been observed that the total commercial bank lending to the small business sector has […]

The Future of the Merchant Advance Industry

merchant advance

Just a few years ago there were a little above hundred merchant advance alternative lenders in the country.  However, the immense success which the pioneer merchant cash advance investors experienced encouraged others to delve into the alternative financing industry proper. As of now, there are way more than one thousand merchant vendors spread across different […]

How Merchant Cash Can Help Small Businesses Grow

merchant cash

There are several options open that a business can choose to explore when in search of business funding. At present, the options available extend beyond the conventional lending institutions such as commercial banks to include alternative lenders such as merchant cash providers. Because of this multiplicity of choice, businesses now have a hard time deciding […]

Bad Credit Loans for Small Businesses Through Merchant Cash Advance

bad credit loans

It has been found that around 30 percent of loan applications are rejected for poor credit. This is not at all surprising since most traditional lenders still require a business to have an excellent credit score before it can be issued with business funding. To most of these lenders, particularly commercial banks, an excellent credit […]

How Merchant Lenders Have Transformed the World of Small Business Lending

merchant lenders

The world of business lending has gone through some drastic changes in the last couple of years just like other sectors of the economy. The change in the lending sector has been introduced by alternative sources of lending championed by merchant lenders whose goal has been to make business loans much more readily available to […]

If You’re a Farmer in Need of Agricultural Finance, Consider a Cash Advance

Agricultural Finance

Farmers need to find out how to finance the many aspects of running their farms, as well. Not many people consider agricultural finance when considering the financing options that are open to them, but just like other businesses, these farms need to have funds in hand in order to continue operating as they normally would, […]

New Construction Loans for Small Businesses through Merchant Cash Advance

new construction loans

New construction loans are issued all the time to businesses that are seeking to set up new outlets or when they need to renovate their current structures. Before this time it was the commercial banks that were setting the pace in the construction lending industry. But for some time now the tides seem to have […]

Are you Struggling to Obtain Hotel Financing

hotel financing

The hotel industry is one that is quite different from all other industries. One major reason for this statement is that this is practically only in the hotel sector that one finds that fixed assets such as fixtures, furniture, and all other equipment are tied to the activities of the business.  Hotels and indeed hospitality […]